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Broadstone Reservations and Guidelines

We request you submit all reservations with at least 2 weeks notice prior to the event date. Requests within 2 weeks of the event date can't be garunteed.

General Usage

The Broadstone Facility may be reservered for group meetings and special events by recognized student organizations, Appalachian Administrative Offices, and Faculty Departments. Non-University groups, comunity groups, and individuals may also reserve and use the Broadstone facility space, pending approval by University Recreation.

Reservation Usage

Reservation of Broadstone's facilities are subject to availability and approval. Reservation priority is given to students, faculty, and staff.


Rental Guidlines

  • In order to reserve the entire facility (lodge, lower field, cabins) you must have a minimum of 24 participants present at the event.
  • The month of August is one of the busiest times at Broadstone so availability may be limited.
  • We require a minimum of 2 weeks notification from the time of your request to the time of your event. 
  • Non-ASU groups are required to pay a non refundable deposit that shall be determined by UREC Professional Staff and communicated to you at he time of reservation.
  • University Recreation reserves the right to deny any reservation request for any or all of Broadstone's facilities.
  • Broadstone does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or genetic information in either its employment practices or its reservation requests.



The lodge is 40' wide by 80' long. The break out room in the lodge is 13' wide by 14' long. There are 15 round tables, 36 rectangle tables and 200 chairs available for use in the lodge. The lodge can accomodate up to 200 people. 


Broadstone has a total of 4 cabins. 3 cabins can sleep up to 24 people and 1 cabin can sleep up to 16 people. Each cabin's max capacity can not be exceed.

Lower Field

The lower field is approximately three (3) acres. The lower field houses two pavilions each with several picnic tables. Each pavilion can hold approximately 50 seated participants. 


Parking is very limited and can accomodate approximately 20 regular sized vehicles. Large groups should arrage to carpool to the facility as there will likely not be enough parking spaces for a large group. 

Short-term parking is allowed at Broadstone in the gravel lot above the lower field directly off to the side of Broadstone Road at the pedestrian bridge. When the gate located on the side gravel lot is open, vehicles can access the lower field for short-term parking. Please only drive in gravel parking lot area. Parking/driving on grass or shrubbery is prohibited. Vehicle owners must abide by all Appalachian State University Parking and Traffic Regulations.


Failure to notify the Broadstone Coordinator (828-262-7388) of a reservation cancellation may result in the suspension of reservation privileges and/or a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees will be assessed in accordance with the following rules:

  • Broadstone prefers to receive at least 14 days advance notice of cancellation. In the event such notice is given there shall be no cancellation fee.
  • If notice is provided less than 48 hours before the program reservation, the User shall be charged the full cost of the program.

Damage Fees

Groups responsible for damage to facility space or items will be assessed a fee for repair or replacement of damaged space/items. All future reservations will be cancelled for that group until full payment of the
damage fee is received by the Broadstone Coordinator. Any Recognized Student Organization that violates this section and does not make full restitution of the damage fee shall be referred to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership and/or the Office of Student Conduct for additional disciplinary action. Failure to make payment for damages, repair work or replacement parts by any other User may result in the loss of future facility use privileges.

Lost or Stolen Items

Appalachian State University, Broadstone, the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of Appalachian State University, nor their respective trustees, agents, employees or volunteers shall not be liable for any lost or stolen items. Please secure any valuable items in a safe location or do not bring them onsite.

Required Documentation

All participants will need to review the Group Reservation Policies on this page prior to their visit to the facility. Each Group will also need to execute a Rental Agreement prior to reservation being held. All participants will also be required to sign a Participation Agreement and Waiver prior to use of the facility at the time of arrival. Challenge Course participants will also be required to complete a health waiver as well.


The following are prohibited at Broadstone’s facilities:

  • Tape or pushpins on walls of the Lodge or cabins.
  • Moving or tampering with current wall decoration in the lodge or cabins.
  • Open flames (lit candles, food warmers, etc).
  • Covering of glass windows on room doors.
  • Sand or glitter, etc.
  • Disarray of furniture in cabins.

Any additional wall decoration for an event held in the lodge or cabins must be pre-approved, as well as
the method in which the decorations are placed on walls.


The set-up of furniture in the lodge must also be pre-approved and will be discussed upon reservation approval.

Overnight Usage

Broadstone is available for overnight accommodations. Overnight usage of Broadstone’s facilities is subject to availability and approval. Daily basic cleanliness is expected of groups using Broadstone’s facilities overnight. University Recreation will provide cleaning supplies with the expectation that groups will clean up after themselves. University Recreation will provide toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap in the cabins for overnight stays; however, individuals must provide their own sleeping bag, linens, towels, shampoo, soapand any other personal items. Please note that cabins are not gender-specific, except upon request. Requests for gender-specific cabins must be submitted at the time of reservation but never less than three (3) business days before the first date of your reservation. All such request will need to be approved prior to your visit by the Broadstone Coordinator.
One key will be provided to the group at the time of arrival. All keys must be returned prior to leaving the facility. If a key is not returned to University Recreation upon the end of an overnight stay, for the group will be assessed a $250 lock changing and replacement charge.

Overnight Group Check Out

Prior to checking out of the facility all groups are expected to complete the following:

  • Remove all trash from the facility including the lodge (kitchen and bathrooms), the field and the cabins. A dumpster for trash is located outside near the side entrance of the lodge. All trash is to be placed in this dumpster prior to leaving the facility.
  • Flush all toilets located in the lodge and cabins.
  • Close all windows and turn off all lights in the lodge and cabins.
  • Lock all doors or gates and return the key to the Broadstone Coordinator.

Any groups not completing the above check out procedures may lose the privilege to reserve the facility
in the future.

Access to the Lower Field

When accessing the lower field from the lodge/cabins use the pedestrian bridge located below and between the lodge and the cabins. Do not allow program participants to walk across Broadstone Road. The road can be busy at times and a blind curve is located near the Broadstone property. Crossing the road at this junction is at your own risk. Those in a wheel chair must be transported by vehicle between the field and the lodge. The pedestrian bridge is not handicap accessible.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pedestrian Bridge is unusable at this time, all participants must be transported by vehicle to the lower field until further notice.


Campfires are only allowed in the fire ring provided on the lower field. Only groups that have properly reserved the lower field and/or lodge, and fire pit may have a fire. Fires require staff supervision and additional
staffing charges.

Challenge Course

Challenge Course elements are off limits to all Users unless agreed to in advance. Challenge courses are only to be utilized with the supervision of authorized personnel. To inquire about the challenge course pricing or to schedule a challenge course use for your group visit Outdoor Program’s Challenge Course Website.


Swimming is at your own risk. Camp Broadstone does not have lifeguards on duty at the Watauga River access on the lower field. Fishing is allowed on the property, but you must abide by all North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Regulations including the Fishing License regulations.

Equipment Rental for the Field

Interested in a field day or recreation type program on the lower field? University Recreation has a variety of recreational equipment available for check out at the Student Recreation Center. Equipment rentals are free and require a valid AppCard. Items can be rented for up to 2 business days at a time. Items available for rent include: tarps, ropes, tennis racquets, croquet sets, bases, volleyball nets, jerseys/flags, footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, basketballs and horseshoe sets.

Kitchen & Food Preperation

Upon request and approval, the kitchen inside the Broadstone lodge is available for groups to use for food preparation. The kitchen is equipped with home-style appliances and basic pots and pans. Groups are responsible for providing their own food. All groups using the kitchen are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Expectations include: Washing/drying/storing any cooking utensils used, wiping down all counter surfaces, and taking out any garbage. Cleaning supplies will be provided with the expectation that groups will leave the kitchen in the same condition they found it prior to use.


Wireless internet is available in the lodge. There is also a TV, DVD player, screen and data projector. Broadstone provides a standard VGA connection and HDMI connection as well as a data projector. It is the responsibility of the computer user to provide any adapters needed to interface with standard VGA connections, specifically Macintosh computer users. Cell phone connections can be spotty on the property so plan accordingly. There is a telephone located in the lodge – 828.963.7515. Only local numbers can be accessed from this phone if calling out.


The possession, consumption, or sale of alcohol is prohibited at all of Broadstone’s facilities.


Smoking is prohibited on the Broadstone property.


Weapons of any type are prohibited at all of Broadstone’s facilities.


Please refrain from bringing glass into the facility as well as to the lower field.

Pets and Animals

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. Therapy Animals or animals for educational purposes may be allowed for one-time special events with prior University Recreation approval. These animals must remain where they have been approved by University Recreation to be during a one-time special event. All other pets or animals are prohibited on the property.

Inclement Weather

The Broadstone facility is open during the winter months. However, Broadstone reserves the right to close due to inclement weather at any time. In the event that inclement weather causes the User to not be able to reach the facility, please call Broadstone Coordinator at 828.262.7388.